Moving Meditation Practice to Embody Self Love
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"Elizabeth DiAlto you are a creative genius. You have a style and a fun quirkiness that we can’t help but love. The passion you have for women’s health; mind, body and soul can’t be taught it’s a gift. Everything about you radiates beauty and positive energy. You have not only been a source of motivation and inspiration for me, but you helped open up a side of me that
I never knew existed."

Jean Powell

"Elizabeth changed my perspective on movement. Exercise is no longer grueling punishment and an attempt to “get skinny”, instead something to connect you to yourself and feel alive within your body. She’s pure authentic embodiment of her message; that loving and owning our bodies fully is when we can truly step into our most profound power. Elizabeth is an inspirational beacon for self-love and badassness wrapped in a magnetic persona and infectious laugh." 
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